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(Kiddie) Pool Punch

It gets hot here in the central valley, and by hot I mean H-O-T!  This weekend they are forecasting 108, which for those that know me, know I L-O-V-E.

A couple years ago I decided it would be fun to get a little blow up kiddie pool to dip in on the hot summer evenings.  It was probably my best idea yet.  It comfortably seated four adult women, and even had cup holders!!  This evolved into regular “pool time” which meant hanging out in the pool drinking sangria.  I don’t even remember HOW it came about, because I make a KILLER sangria, but I think I was in a rush, so I bought a jug (yes jug) of Carlo Rossi Sangria, club soda and a couple of limes.  Hello, refreshing!  It has become the hit of the summer at every pool party.  And did I mention it’s quick and easy?!

Fast forward to now.  I needed to rename this concoction, because I am a wine snob and don’t want MY famous sangria to be entangled with this swill that we make on the fly. So Pool Punch was born.  And after a few years of wear and tear (and neighborhood cats, grrrr) a new pool is due to be delivered Thursday!






(Kiddie) Pool Punch

2 parts Carlo Rossi Sangria
1 part club soda
2 twists of lime
Stir & Enjoy!


She’s Crafty!

I am not a very creative person.  I can take a great candid photo, apparently I have a good eye and/or good timing.  But that is about where it ends.  I LOVE to cook, but all of my recipes are inspired by other people’s recipes…  Basically I’m a big ol fraud. But I guess as long as I give credit where credit is due, I’m golden when it comes to crafty karma, right?!

So it should come as no surprise that while at a winery we were visiting, I saw a cute ornament on their Christmas tree and wanted to try and make them for my friends as little tokens of friendship.

I rushed home to my stash of wine corks.  High-fiving myself for the brilliant idea of keeping all of the corks from bottles I drink, never having a purpose for them until now!  I jump onto Google, where Pinterest apparently has about a billion people that have done this craft.  I don’t even think I can credit one specific Pinner, because I kind of took ideas from all of them.

I hit up Michael’s craft store, and for less than $5 in supplies from the craft store (pipe cleaner, googly eyes, red poms, 1/8″ ribbon), a pair of scissors, my glue gun, and my oodles of wine corks, I was able to make all of my friends their own little Rudolph the Wineo Reindeer…


And if you are sick and twisted like me, or have the mind of a 14 year old boy, you put the corkscrew end on the rear of the deer. Heh.

wine rear

Red, Red, Wine…

I love wine.  As I  mentioned before, I’m pretty much an equal opportunity drinker, but I *love* wine.  So it may come as a surprise that I have sat here for about 15 minutes staring at a glass of “sparking red”.  Yes, staring.  It was given to me by a good friend, one that I trust to know a thing or two about food, wine, hair, etc.  The problem is that he never actually sold me a line about how good this “sparkling red” would be.

So it sits here.  Mocking me.  Staring back at me.  Daring me to take a taste…

Yes I poured it into a white wine glass.  So what.  It is too confusing.  Its “sparkling” but I didn’t feel it necessary to pour into a champagne flute.  But its not a traditional “red” so does it need to breathe in a big bold red glass?  So I split the difference and poured it into a white wine glass.  I’m crass.  What can I say…

OK… I’ve taken a sip.  Two actually.  It has the effervescence of a “sparkling wine” but its room temperature and tastes light a light red, Pinot Noir maybe.  Not bad…  Not great… but not bad…


Welcome to the Jungle!

I often tweet.  Most of the time it is random observations that some of the time you just need more than 140 characters to really make a point.  Or to describe a story.  But sometimes I don’t feel like I can really be myself.  Or to accurately tell a story.

So here we are.

I often drink.  Sometimes it is beer, sometimes margaritas, sometimes hard alcohol, and always wine.  Always.

I am not a writer.  I am just your average joe(sephine) who dates the wrong men, has the less popular political views, and thinks common sense is far too uncommon.

I am not a cook.  But I play one on tv.  At least the tv reality show that plays in my head every time I am in the kitchen attempting a new recipe, narrated by Julia Child of course.  That might be raising the bar a bit too high.  I do love to cook, but I am no Julia Child.  I have the ability maybe *of* a child…

Well enough about me… ha!  That is ALL this blog is going to be about, silly!

Join me, won’t you?!