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Thankful for businesses NOT open on Thanksgiving!!!

As a follow up to my rant from Sunday regarding stores opening on Thanksgiving for Black Friday sales, I give you a quick list of retailers that have decided family and friends are more important than a few extra dollars in sales. While I boycott the bad retailers, I look forward to spending my holiday money at these stores posted below!  And bestill my heart, its mostly the awesome discount retailers that I love oh so much that are saying NO.

Gobble Gobble!




As with the bad list, please let me know of other retailers staying closed on Thanksgiving day so we can keep people informed of better alternatives to shop!

No Thanksgiving For You!

It really pisses me off that retailers have infected us with opening on Thanksgiving to kick off Black Friday.

I love deals just as much as anyone, but quite honestly I never got the hype of Black Friday. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids or a big family to shop for. Maybe it’s because I hate crowds. Yeah, it is definitely because I hate crowds. I usually roll into Target and the like around 10am on Black Friday when most of the chaos has died down, but I still score $5 dvds! And in peace!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love to cook and relax and enjoy friends and family. Large retailers are stealing that away from us. If you work retail, you end up missing out on enjoying YOUR friends and family. If you are a deal finding freak, YOU are leaving the comforts of home for a $99 tv.

Let’s not perpetuate the problem.turkey

I have decided any stores that are opening on Thanksgiving Day/night will not be getting my business from the moment I catch wind they will be open until after New Years. They will not receive a single dollar from me over their most important quarter of the year. Want to join me? Let’s spread the word. Maybe if enough people stop supporting them the retailers will stop opening on Thanksgiving. It’s a pipedream, but worth a try!

Who’s opening on Thanksgiving? I have started a list. Please post any you hear of too, please!!! And share this post eatly and often! I will update the list regularly.

Join me, won’t you?


The perfect pair

Cooking and saving money are two of my favorite things.

I enjoy cooking because it relaxes me.  I can listen to my iPod or Pandora and have a glass of wine while being creative in the kitchen after a frustrating day at work.

I have to save money because I have no choice.  If I don’t, I would have to pick up a second job (herk) or risk losing my house.  Neither are options, so I choose to pinch pennies and do everything I can to save money wherever I can, without skimping on taste, of course!

extra somethingThis is where Raley’s Something Extra Try-It program kicks in.  It is the best of both worlds.  I get to try new food products and I get them for free or at deep discounts (seriously, awesome!) And all they ask in return (because there is no such thing as a free lunch, right?!) is that I review the new products on their website, Twitter, Facebook, here, etc. And since I also love giving my opinions, I jumped at the opportunity! I have waited a few months to review the program because I wanted to see how it would all work out.  It’s been great!  I been able to try their new Top It! Pizza at 50% off as well as their Quick Grains, Infused Broths, and Salad blends, and Nob Hill All-Natural soup for free! In addition to food, I’ve also gotten some free swag too including a pizza cutter, pasta strainer, and cute soup tureen!

So far my most favorite program was the Nu-Val program where I got to try the Infused Broth (think boring old chicken broth, with a kick of chipotle) and Quick Grains together.  There was a recipe right on the box using both together, and it made an amazing Mexican stew (blog post with recipe to come of course).

If you are fortunate enough to live in Northern California with the awesome weather, culture and activities, you now have another reason to be thankful, join the Try-It program and try-it yourself!

Black Friday is for the overstuffed birds.

Y’all are hopefully realizing, whether you want to or not, that I love coupons.  And deals.  And put them both together, and it’s an orgasmic experience for me.  Ah hem, excuse me, it’s been a while…

So you may find this shocking… I loathe all things Black Friday.  The reason is three-fold:  I hate crowds.  HATE them.  I love my sleep.  I mean really, getting up at 2am to get in line to go shopping?  Meh.  Lastly, I always work the Friday after Thanksgiving, so it’s really all moot.

I DID however, find this year, sneaky ways to save some money and avoid the crowds.

The first thing has to be if you do not have a Target REDcard, you need to get one.  Now!  You can either apply for a credit card, or get their debit version that is tied directly into your checking account.  I opted for the debit card because I like to only spend what I have, not use credit. The first advantage of this card is you get 5% off every purchase at Target as well as 5% off AND free shipping online.  And if you have one of their pharmacy reward cards where you earn 5% off Target coupons, you can use that AND the REDcard combined. Yippie!

So there I am, in my jammies, sipping my coffee early Thanksgiving morning.  I had seen the Black Friday ad Target had previewed the week before and I really wanted to get a new coffee maker for the office.  So I decide to see if the same deal might be available online. It was.  On Thanksgiving morning, before the crazy chaos cooking commenced, I ordered the fancy coffee maker at the Black Friday price with the bonus $30 gift card, 5% off and free shipping.  All without even a shower. Woo!

Fast forward to yesterday.  I had been hanging onto this 20% off coupon good only at Target, only off a KitchenAid or Keurig product.  Which is odd because I do not need either of these things, and I NEVER hold onto coupons I do not need.  But this close to the holidays I figured SOMEONE could probably use it so I clipped it.  Well my mother managed to break her 30 year old cheap Sunbeam mixer on Thanksgiving morning whilst making pumpkin pie.   The woman rarely cooks or bakes, but she made a comment to my dad that now she could get a KitchenAid mixer like mine.  Eh?  You don’t ever cook and  you need the Holy Grail of kitchen appliances? (Seriously, Google Holy Grail of kitchen appliances, and about a dozen images of KitchenAid mixers pop up).  But I digress…

In an effort to help my poor clueless dad out with such a purchase, I jump online and start doing a little recon.  Low and behold, I find a KitchenAid mixer. ON SALE.  $70 off to be exact.  Plus 20% off coupon.  Plus 5% REDcard discount… You can see where I am going with this… My eyes were as wide as little Ralphie’s on Christmas morning when he got his Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!  But unlike Ralphie, I don’t have to worry about shooting my eye out, and off to Target I went.  On Sunday evening.  With only a handful of people in the store.  No one in line. In and out in 5 minutes.


Is boo-ya still a thing?  If not, this is the day to bring it back.  I kicked some mediocre at best ass, and couldn’t be more happy with myself.

Side note: Since I am new to this whole blog thing, I should probably point out that I do talk about products and brands, espcially when it comes to my couponing.  But the opinions are all my own.  No one hooks me up with any discounts or deals for mentioning them.  If they did, I would be absolutely sure to tell you, because that would be pretty flipping rad!