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Dating tip: Don’t go away mad, just go away.

If we met, hit it off, were dating, were intimate, then you decide you’re “not ready”…

Don’t try and rekindle a “friendship” by thinking it’s ironic we are both on the same dating site. It’s not ironic, it’s called you were plenty ready to date, you just didn’t want to date me.

Don’t randomly every so often ask me to meet up “as friends”, then me call you to task, knowing every time you won’t commit to actually meeting up.

And after all this, DON’T tell me to be nice when you are “checking in” faking some sort of concern when my responses start to become snarky…


Reason #1 I Will Never Get Married: Men.

I am a pretty laid back person for the most part.  I date, passively.  I figure whatever happens, happens.

So imagine my amazement when I am on Facebook catching up on people’s lives this morning, and I see “Joe* is in a Relationship”.

Now, you might wonder why this is such an amazing feat.  It’s not really, except that just a few weeks ago he hit me up on Plenty of Fish.

Now, you might say, “but Veruca, he met someone!  Be happy for him!”

Except for a comment he wrote under all the congratulations that said “well, since we’ve been together a year, time to make it Facebook official!”


Exqueeze me? Baking Powder?

I am sorry but if you are in a relationship for a year, why are you on Plenty of Fish???

Which reminded me of an experience I had a year or so ago, when I found my friend Kaitlyn’s* boyfriend of a year, on OK Cupid!

So I ask you this: At what point do you ask your SO to take down their online profile?

Personally, if I am having sex with you, I am taking my online profile down.  Apparently I am in the minority?  Or is it a guy thing, keeping their toe in the water?  Regardless, this is the latest example of why I have absolutely no faith or trust in men. Every day I am becoming a little more a-ok with being alone forever.

*The names have been changed to protect the innocent, as well as the guilty.