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Luck be a Lady

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I am so lucky.  So, so, so lucky.  And I despise the word lucky.  The only luck I believe in is dumb luck.  I feel like with good hard work you get the rewards you deserve.  But over and over I bust my ass and seem to get the short end of the stick.  But I keep trudging on.  I am good to people.  I work hard.  Eventually I know it will all come back around.  So imagine my surprise when I just become overwhelmed with gratitude.  The little things and the big things are adding up to great things.

For the first time in three years I feel the economy turning around.  This in addition to finally having a dry cold winter and a hot summer (aka normal weather). Because of these two factors, business is back on track.  We are so busy that we can’t catch up.  After the past few years of sucky economy and sucky mild weather, I am so grateful to be so exhausted.  My hard work and tenacity was even appreciated by my mother, who thought for sure we’d have to close the doors two years ago, yet here we are.

I have fantastic friends.  I can’t believe that I can spend weekends on end with a gaggle of women that never bicker, fight, backstab, or betray.  All we ever do is laugh.  Even after lots of booze and lack of sleep.  It is awesome to have these ladies in my life.

Random acts of kindness exist.  I witnessed a pretty bad accident last week.  I was running late to work and should have never even been there, but I had to stop.  I witnessed the whole thing and knew that I needed to make sure the girl that was hit wasn’t injured and that I could gamblinggive a full statement of what happened to the police. Later this same night an acquaintance, not even a friend, emailed me asking me if I would like complimentary tickets to an event she knew I was attending with friends.  She sent me eight, yes EIGHT, free tickets for me and all of my friends.  She literally saved us a total of $200 just because she could. And when we only ended up needing seven, we paid it forward by giving a random stranger our extra ticket as we walked into the event.

As weird and stressful as life can be, sometimes we to just need to stop and be thankful what we do have to realize how lucky we are.

Oh, and did I mention I won $100 on a quarter slot machine, when I rarely gamble, paying for my whole weekend?  Gotta love dumb luck. 😉