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Reason #1 I Will Never Get Married: Men.

I am a pretty laid back person for the most part.  I date, passively.  I figure whatever happens, happens.

So imagine my amazement when I am on Facebook catching up on people’s lives this morning, and I see “Joe* is in a Relationship”.

Now, you might wonder why this is such an amazing feat.  It’s not really, except that just a few weeks ago he hit me up on Plenty of Fish.

Now, you might say, “but Veruca, he met someone!  Be happy for him!”

Except for a comment he wrote under all the congratulations that said “well, since we’ve been together a year, time to make it Facebook official!”


Exqueeze me? Baking Powder?

I am sorry but if you are in a relationship for a year, why are you on Plenty of Fish???

Which reminded me of an experience I had a year or so ago, when I found my friend Kaitlyn’s* boyfriend of a year, on OK Cupid!

So I ask you this: At what point do you ask your SO to take down their online profile?

Personally, if I am having sex with you, I am taking my online profile down.  Apparently I am in the minority?  Or is it a guy thing, keeping their toe in the water?  Regardless, this is the latest example of why I have absolutely no faith or trust in men. Every day I am becoming a little more a-ok with being alone forever.

*The names have been changed to protect the innocent, as well as the guilty.