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Dating tip: Don’t go away mad, just go away.

If we met, hit it off, were dating, were intimate, then you decide you’re “not ready”…

Don’t try and rekindle a “friendship” by thinking it’s ironic we are both on the same dating site. It’s not ironic, it’s called you were plenty ready to date, you just didn’t want to date me.

Don’t randomly every so often ask me to meet up “as friends”, then me call you to task, knowing every time you won’t commit to actually meeting up.

And after all this, DON’T tell me to be nice when you are “checking in” faking some sort of concern when my responses start to become snarky…

Stop! Don’t do it!!!

No matter how many friends tell you it is a good idea, DON’T make the first move!!!

I unfortunately read this blog I read regularly one day too late: Why Girls Don’t Make The First Move

Here is what happened to me:

I’ve been single for a while now.  I hate being single.  I hate dating.  But I don’t PUSH it.  I don’t RUSH it.  I just let things happen.  I am VERY passive when it comes to dating.  Maybe to a fault.  Most of the time I don’t even realize someone is flirting with me until it is too late.  I just don’t function that way.

Until last week.  Ohhhhh Tuesday.  What a  BEAUTIFUL day.  It was sunny.  Blue skies.  I had my entire day planned out.  I had an important errand to run that involved possibly running into my idol.  And ending with a networking event.  So I got dressed a little nicer than normal. Then I walked in the door at work.  “We need you to do this.  We need you do to that” Totally threw my entire day’s schedule off.

So I gathered my thoughts, figured out what I need to do, and made it happen.

I rolled up onto a job site.  A job site I didn’t know til I got to work that I’d have to go to (looking cute, remember) and met a super cute guy.  A friendly, cute, funny, appeared to be single guy.  There was flirting.  LOTS of flirting.

He and I were both scheduled to be back on the job site later that day.  SCORE I thought, I will have a chance to flirt a little more.  Maybe he’ll ask for my number.  No dice.  The second meeting was cancelled.  So I swooned to my friends about how awesome he was.  They/I convinced me to call his office, and leave my cell number with the receptionist.


So I call the receptionist.  And I gave her my number to give to him.  And I am as high as a kite.  I don’t do these kinds of things!  I don’t make the first move!  I don’t!

Seven days later… he hasn’t called.  So he either never got the message (I hope), wasn’t interested (he’s a good actor), or he’s married (and an asshole).  Or he plays by the “rules” and won’t call til three days later, which is so 1995, I am not sure I can deal.

So much like my dating counterpart @Soon2BecCatLady, I, against my better judgement, made the first move, and crashed and burned…