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Resolution, Schmesolution.

Worse than the “see you next year!” people like to say in the week before a new year, is the “what is your New Year Resolution?!”.  It’s the small talk that makes me want to stab myself in the eye.

But rather than come up with a snarky answer, I usually do share one of my goals for the new year.

That’s right.  I make goals.  Not resolutions.  Goals are something to strive for, but give myself the leeway to have hiccups along the way.  Goals are also measurable. And they tend to be things that can be built on.  They become routine, so the next year I keep at them, while focusing on something new.

Here are some past goals that I have given myself, and achieved:Image

2009: Train for and run my first 5k (I ran NINE in 2009)
2010: Train for and run my first 10k (I ran TWO in 2010, with 5ks sprinkled in)
2011: Train for and run my first 1/2 marathon (I ran ONE, on my birthday, and have the Tiffany necklace to prove it!)

blog necklace 1 blog necklace2

: Throw away less uneaten vegetables (I made a good effort this year but didn’t have a way to really track it- but it was always on my mind when shopping/cooking)
blog veggies
For 2013 I really wanted to get back on track with the fitness.  After running the half marathon, I was burned out.  Followed up by two sprained ankles in the spring of 2012 while hiking, I just lost focus.  I feel very successful in adding the veggie goal last year, so this year I am giving myself two goals:

1) Try a new recipe once a week.  I LOVE to cook. And usually cook a few times a week anyway, so why not start trying out all of the recipes I pull off the internet, Pinterest, and my Cooking Light magazines.

blog cooking2) Log 1000 miles. Whether running, hiking, biking, or walking, I want to get 1000 miles in this year.  I think it’s doable, barring more injuries of course.

Both of these are completely tangeable AND trackable!  I plan on posting my weekly recipe as a blog here, and upload all of my miles on DailyMile.  You can follow me there to see my progress.

Let’s do this…