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Super Bowl Shuffle!

Just wanted to share a down and dirty quick dip in case you are in a rush on this Super Bowl Sunday.

I’ve been making my friend Janet’s Sausage Dip for a few years now, it is usually requested at parties I either host or attend.  As I was making it, it dawned on me that y’all might be interested in a last minute touch to your festivities.

It consists of a whopping three items you might even have on hand!

Janet’s Sausage Dip
1 package Jimmy Dean Sausage
2 8oz brick cream cheese
1 can Rotel diced tomatoes

Brown sausage, while browning heat up cream cheese and tomatoes (don’t drain tomatoes) in microwave.  Drain any excess grease from sausage. Combine and serve (I usually serve in fondue or mini-crock pot to keep warm).  I usually serve with the scoopy style tortilla chips.  Yes, it is that easy!


Have fun today and be safe!

Welcome to the Jungle!

I often tweet.  Most of the time it is random observations that some of the time you just need more than 140 characters to really make a point.  Or to describe a story.  But sometimes I don’t feel like I can really be myself.  Or to accurately tell a story.

So here we are.

I often drink.  Sometimes it is beer, sometimes margaritas, sometimes hard alcohol, and always wine.  Always.

I am not a writer.  I am just your average joe(sephine) who dates the wrong men, has the less popular political views, and thinks common sense is far too uncommon.

I am not a cook.  But I play one on tv.  At least the tv reality show that plays in my head every time I am in the kitchen attempting a new recipe, narrated by Julia Child of course.  That might be raising the bar a bit too high.  I do love to cook, but I am no Julia Child.  I have the ability maybe *of* a child…

Well enough about me… ha!  That is ALL this blog is going to be about, silly!

Join me, won’t you?!