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A snark-free book review of Modern Dating: A Field Guide from the people that changed dating with HowAboutWe

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About a year ago, my friend had told me about this new dating website called HowAboutWe.  It was such a cool concept, and although I didn’t subscribe to the online dating option, I did join to check out and post “outside the box” dating ideas.  So imagine my surprise when I was I was offered the chance to read and review the book Modern Dating: A Field Guide by Chiara Atik (the same people of HowAboutWe.com)!dating

This book couldn’t have come at a better time.  As you know, I am trying to dip my toe back into the dating pool and reading this book has really re-inspired me.  Not only is it broken into great sections with a nicely laid out format, but the content is actually interesting!  A lot of self-help books can drone on with statistics and are just down right boring.  This one makes me realize that I need to toss out all the old expectations of online dating days of yore for it is a whole new mad, mad, world out there.

Modern Dating starts off by saying being single is ok.  Yes, we all know that, but its kinda nice to hear it from someone else, am I right?! I almost wish this book was titled Modern Single’s Survival Guide because it is so encouraging for every spoke of the single evolutionary wheel.  Enjoying being single?  Good for you!  Casual sex? Friends with Benefits? If that’s your bag, baby, bang on!  What’s a good come back when Aunt Mabel asks why your still single… again.  How to have the “exclusivity talk” that everyone dreads.  And what HowAboutWe.com is know for- 70 dates outside the boring dinner-and-a-movie box!

I think for me the most poignant quote was actually in reference to friendships.  Chiara says “Friends will outlast a good portion of your romantic relationships.  In other words, maintaining a good relationship with your friends, through thick and thin, through single and not single, is a big deal.” Truer words I don’t think have ever been written.  So many of my friends jump ship when they get into relationships, and only come back into your life when they are heart broken and need a shoulder.  It shouldn’t be that way!  We should all be there for each other through the good AND the bad!  It’s a battle field out there, rather than every (wo)man for themselves, lets win the battle AND the war!

Where ever you are in the single cycle, there is something in this book for you.  And if you are like me and ready to get back into the dating pool, there is a free 3-month subscription to HowAboutWe included with every copy purchased!  That’s like being handed $54 to go towards some fun dates!  How’s that for incentive?!

And now that I have read and taken copious notes on this book, I thought it would be fun to give away my sponsored copy! Please post your best OR worst date story below and be entered to win!  Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like free loot!

Modern Dating A Field Guide

Note:  This post was sponsored by HowAboutWe but all opinions of the website and the book are mine and only mine. Don’t forget to click HERE for your free three months on online dating site howaboutwe.com with purchase of Modern Dating: A Field Guide.

The Anti-Social Network?

While perusing Twitter this afternoon at work (working hard, duh!) I ran across a tweet that I IMMEDIATELY was in agreeance with:

“Still wondering why Twitter is called a social networking site and not an anti social networking site”- @moarcaffeine

My first thought was YES! More often than not I find that when I am in the company of other people we all have our nose in our phones.  Usually Tweeting and/or Facebooking (rarely making emergency 911 phone calls like in the olden days). Gosh, how I miss the olden days…

Now, let me be perfectly clear, I do not do this on dates.  Nor do I do this while having a meal with my parents.  Or any other occasion where I am expected to be social for that matter.  You know, the face-to-face variety dinner party, wedding, what-have-you .  Phone is always in my pocket or purse in those situations. Always.

But then my second thought was WAIT!  I have met some of the coolest, smartest, most fun people on the planet through Twitter.  Some I have even harvested real genuine legitimate relationships with.

As a 30-something in a career running a family business with little to no contact with people of my age, I have found Twitter to be a way to stretch beyond my home-grown social circle.  I am LEARNING and DOING and REACTING in ways that I never could before.  It still blows me away that I can build real friendships on Twitter with people with similar interests.  It’s like what Match is to dating, Twitter is to befriending!

And I would love to kiss Jack Dorsey himself on the mouth as a thank you.