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Luck be a Lady

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I am so lucky.  So, so, so lucky.  And I despise the word lucky.  The only luck I believe in is dumb luck.  I feel like with good hard work you get the rewards you deserve.  But over and over I bust my ass and seem to get the short end of the stick.  But I keep trudging on.  I am good to people.  I work hard.  Eventually I know it will all come back around.  So imagine my surprise when I just become overwhelmed with gratitude.  The little things and the big things are adding up to great things.

For the first time in three years I feel the economy turning around.  This in addition to finally having a dry cold winter and a hot summer (aka normal weather). Because of these two factors, business is back on track.  We are so busy that we can’t catch up.  After the past few years of sucky economy and sucky mild weather, I am so grateful to be so exhausted.  My hard work and tenacity was even appreciated by my mother, who thought for sure we’d have to close the doors two years ago, yet here we are.

I have fantastic friends.  I can’t believe that I can spend weekends on end with a gaggle of women that never bicker, fight, backstab, or betray.  All we ever do is laugh.  Even after lots of booze and lack of sleep.  It is awesome to have these ladies in my life.

Random acts of kindness exist.  I witnessed a pretty bad accident last week.  I was running late to work and should have never even been there, but I had to stop.  I witnessed the whole thing and knew that I needed to make sure the girl that was hit wasn’t injured and that I could gamblinggive a full statement of what happened to the police. Later this same night an acquaintance, not even a friend, emailed me asking me if I would like complimentary tickets to an event she knew I was attending with friends.  She sent me eight, yes EIGHT, free tickets for me and all of my friends.  She literally saved us a total of $200 just because she could. And when we only ended up needing seven, we paid it forward by giving a random stranger our extra ticket as we walked into the event.

As weird and stressful as life can be, sometimes we to just need to stop and be thankful what we do have to realize how lucky we are.

Oh, and did I mention I won $100 on a quarter slot machine, when I rarely gamble, paying for my whole weekend?  Gotta love dumb luck. 😉

A snark-free book review of Modern Dating: A Field Guide from the people that changed dating with HowAboutWe

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About a year ago, my friend had told me about this new dating website called HowAboutWe.  It was such a cool concept, and although I didn’t subscribe to the online dating option, I did join to check out and post “outside the box” dating ideas.  So imagine my surprise when I was I was offered the chance to read and review the book Modern Dating: A Field Guide by Chiara Atik (the same people of HowAboutWe.com)!dating

This book couldn’t have come at a better time.  As you know, I am trying to dip my toe back into the dating pool and reading this book has really re-inspired me.  Not only is it broken into great sections with a nicely laid out format, but the content is actually interesting!  A lot of self-help books can drone on with statistics and are just down right boring.  This one makes me realize that I need to toss out all the old expectations of online dating days of yore for it is a whole new mad, mad, world out there.

Modern Dating starts off by saying being single is ok.  Yes, we all know that, but its kinda nice to hear it from someone else, am I right?! I almost wish this book was titled Modern Single’s Survival Guide because it is so encouraging for every spoke of the single evolutionary wheel.  Enjoying being single?  Good for you!  Casual sex? Friends with Benefits? If that’s your bag, baby, bang on!  What’s a good come back when Aunt Mabel asks why your still single… again.  How to have the “exclusivity talk” that everyone dreads.  And what HowAboutWe.com is know for- 70 dates outside the boring dinner-and-a-movie box!

I think for me the most poignant quote was actually in reference to friendships.  Chiara says “Friends will outlast a good portion of your romantic relationships.  In other words, maintaining a good relationship with your friends, through thick and thin, through single and not single, is a big deal.” Truer words I don’t think have ever been written.  So many of my friends jump ship when they get into relationships, and only come back into your life when they are heart broken and need a shoulder.  It shouldn’t be that way!  We should all be there for each other through the good AND the bad!  It’s a battle field out there, rather than every (wo)man for themselves, lets win the battle AND the war!

Where ever you are in the single cycle, there is something in this book for you.  And if you are like me and ready to get back into the dating pool, there is a free 3-month subscription to HowAboutWe included with every copy purchased!  That’s like being handed $54 to go towards some fun dates!  How’s that for incentive?!

And now that I have read and taken copious notes on this book, I thought it would be fun to give away my sponsored copy! Please post your best OR worst date story below and be entered to win!  Because let’s face it, who doesn’t like free loot!

Modern Dating A Field Guide

Note:  This post was sponsored by HowAboutWe but all opinions of the website and the book are mine and only mine. Don’t forget to click HERE for your free three months on online dating site howaboutwe.com with purchase of Modern Dating: A Field Guide.

Good News- you DON’T have VD!

As a follow up to my post yesterday I absolutely HAD to post today, the epitome of what I was trying to say…

My friend Amy is in a long distance relationship.  Sure it’s tough, but they are working on a solution that hopefully comes to fruition this spring.  You know what he did? He didn’t waste money on chocolates or flowers that will be consumed and forgotten.  He got on a plane, and flew 1500 miles to show up on her doorstep.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Valentine’s Day, or Tuesday.  He was his gift to her.  And as soon as spring, he will be again, every day.


She’s Crafty!

I am not a very creative person.  I can take a great candid photo, apparently I have a good eye and/or good timing.  But that is about where it ends.  I LOVE to cook, but all of my recipes are inspired by other people’s recipes…  Basically I’m a big ol fraud. But I guess as long as I give credit where credit is due, I’m golden when it comes to crafty karma, right?!

So it should come as no surprise that while at a winery we were visiting, I saw a cute ornament on their Christmas tree and wanted to try and make them for my friends as little tokens of friendship.

I rushed home to my stash of wine corks.  High-fiving myself for the brilliant idea of keeping all of the corks from bottles I drink, never having a purpose for them until now!  I jump onto Google, where Pinterest apparently has about a billion people that have done this craft.  I don’t even think I can credit one specific Pinner, because I kind of took ideas from all of them.

I hit up Michael’s craft store, and for less than $5 in supplies from the craft store (pipe cleaner, googly eyes, red poms, 1/8″ ribbon), a pair of scissors, my glue gun, and my oodles of wine corks, I was able to make all of my friends their own little Rudolph the Wineo Reindeer…


And if you are sick and twisted like me, or have the mind of a 14 year old boy, you put the corkscrew end on the rear of the deer. Heh.

wine rear

Thank you for being a friend!

We’ve all heard the theme song from Golden Girls a million times over.  Or is that just me because I’m destined to be a crazy cat lady and watch it every night before going to bed??  Ohhhhh but I digress….

Today I read two very poignant messages about friends.  One was a text message I received that said “As I get older, I appreciate my true friends more.  Thank you for just being you. I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life.”  The other was in a blog post I read from Eclectikramblings that said “And once again, especially now, there is nothing there to even go back to. I have one friend left there, the rest dropped me the second I left. None of them have checked in on me to see how I’m doing or anything, just one – and we’ve been friends since college. Life is funny that way.”

It seems so strange that while polar opposite, I can relate to both messages so clearly.

Why is it that some people you call friends would drop you in a heartbeat if they had something to gain from it?  Why is it that some friends never ever make the first move, be it a phone call, a text, a plan to meet up?  Why do others drop EVERYTHING for you no matter what, without hesitation?  Are these qualities in a person’s true character?  Or is it related to the friendship itself?

I feel like I have so many questions and no answers.

I feel heartbroken that I never got an explanation from a “friend” who RSVP’d to my birthday party, yet never responded to the texts I sent that day explaining details, and never bothered to showed up.  Not even sending a text with a lame excuse as to why they couldn’t make it last minute.  And never bothered with a call or text on my actual birthday.

But then I also feel overwhelmed with love and joy when I realize who my friends are and who would never leave my side. The ones we laugh til we cry with, drink til we cry with, or fight til we cry with.

I am going to do a social experiment starting in January.  I am going to stop making all of the effort, all of the plans, all of the phone calls.  And see who is really with me when push comes to shove.  Because those people are going to get the card that says, “Thank you for being a friend.”

Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant. And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.