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Sick and Tired.

You know what I am sick and tired of hearing?  That it is too expensive to eat healthy.  No. It’s not.  It’s expensive to be lazy.  It takes effort to eat healthy, not money.

Meal planning is HARD, food prep is HARD, cooking is HARD.  But none of it costs anything if you do it yourself!

Convenience is expensive.  Healthy eating is not.  Not to mention salads at fast food restaurants are most of the time just as bad for you as the burger and fries!  And don’t even get me started on Subway sandwiches…

I am creating a personal challenge for the month of August to document all of my food spending and share it with you at the end of the month.  I will also share with you then all of my tips like planning, shopping and prepping once a week for keeping on track and on budget.

Stay tuned, won’t you!


So-FREE-Tas! (aka Sofritas)

A week or so ago I received an email from Chipotle.  Yes I subscribe, remember I try and get as much free grub as possible for my birthday!?

Well much to my surprise the email contained a text code to receive a FREE burrito, bol, or salad containing their newly rolled out shredded organic tofu option!  I did cartwheels!  Well, ok not really.  But I was very, VERY excited.  Not only do I love all things that start with the letter F… But I have also been making a conscious effort to wean myself off of most meat and processed foods.  So I jumped at the chance to try this new Bol option at my neighborhood Chipotle.

ImageNot only was it less spicy than the chicken I usually get (which I guess I am a wuss because some days it is just TOO darn spicy) but it also had the beautiful smoked chipotle chili flavor that EVERYTHING at it’s namesake *should* taste like, but really doesn’t.  It was delicious.  I told a couple of friends about it, who each had a different take on it, so I decided this week to go back and try it again, this time on my dime ((sigh)).

It was just as savory as the first time, and I believe the less meat I consume, the higher this option will climb in my eating out “go-to” list.

Thanks Chipotle, job well done!

Bloggin’ and Mixin’… Mixin’ and Bloggin’

On Monday, my friend @MsChick was kind enough to invite me to a @SacBloggers mixer hosted by the awesome new bier hall in Midtown, Low Brau.

LowBrauBeing a newbie to the world of blogging, this was my first Sac Bloggers event, and quite an event it was!  What a great turn out!  Sometimes it can be tough to meet new people at social events such as these.  Especially when you know a couple of people at the event.  I have that terrible habit of sticking to who I know, which is odd since I’m a very outgoing person, almost to an annoyance according to past boyfriends, but I digress…

I met a lot of very nice bloggers who write about such a wide variety of topics.  Huge variety!  It was a very inspiring experience.  It made me really want to dive into my blogging and share what I know with others.  ((Who am I kidding, I don’t know that much, I really just want to share my cooking experiences)).

This was also my first time at Low Brau.  Oh my gosh, their food was gooooooood!  They were kind enough to serve us some complimentary dogs, both meat and vegan.  As well as all the accoutrements like a variety of mustards, sauerkraut, onions, and cheese sauce… Ohhhhh the cheese sauce… made of cheese, beer and spices according to the owner, Clay, we were lucky enough to meet Monday night.

I’m a meat eater, but I can appreciate a vegetarian meal and in fact enjoy making them.  So it was my duty to try the vegan dog.  It was surprisingly good!  Of course, I added the cheese sauce to it after my first virgin taste, so it went from vegan to not-so-much in about 5 seconds flat.  But as a lover of most things meat, I gave this a big thumbs up.

lowbrau 3But the pièce de résistance for me was the self-serve water cooler.  Anyone that knows me, knows I have a bit of a drilowbrau 2nking problem… I consume lots and lots and lots of water. I love water.  I would marry water if I could. ((Maybe we can work on that after Prop 8 is overturned?! Hmmmmmm))  So the idea of being able to drink water when I want, and not have to wait for the poor wait staff to refill my glass over and over again is amazing.  I can get up and go fill my glass with nice cold water with a refreshing touch of cucumber, mint, and lemon whenever I want. Well done, Low Brau, well done!

What a fantastical way to spend a spring night.  Thank you again to MsChick, Sac Bloggers, and Low Brau! 🙂

Forgive me, I have sinned…

I had my first casualty of 2013.  I had to throw out half of a loaf of bread.

Now in actuality, my goal for the year was to limit the amount of fruits and veggies I had to throw out because they had gone bad.  Which 18 days in, I have still been successful!  And no, you nay-sayers, it’s not because I haven’t bought any!  I know you were thinking it…  But at some point I decided I was going to make an extra effort to not waste ANY food this year.  Hell, I don’t even like to waste Post-it notes, and I use a tea bag twice to eek out as much tea as possible, so I’ve just been trying to find other ways I can reduce waste in my life.

The thing that is so frustrating is that I usually buy sourdough bread.  And because I mainly just use it for toast, it lasts quite a while!  But I had to buy boring white bread to make my experimental turkey meatloaf last week.  Apparently it doesn’t have the shelf life I had expected. Le Sigh.

But all things considered, I have been otherwise on track with my goals.  I haven’t had the time to post my new recipes, but I will given some spare time, and I’ll link them here.

In addition to my trying a new recipe a week, not wasting food, and getting 1000 miles logged to DailyMile this year, I decided to add trying a new fruit or veggie each month.  This can be raw or cooked.  But something I’ve never made/eaten before.  And so you shall hear it here first.  I have never eaten (to my knowledge) butternut squash before.  It was a PAIN to prep, but super easy to toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper to roast!  And sooooooo tasty!

If you have any suggestions of recipes or a fruit or veggie to try, please post them!  I’m always looking for inspiration!

Resolution, Schmesolution.

Worse than the “see you next year!” people like to say in the week before a new year, is the “what is your New Year Resolution?!”.  It’s the small talk that makes me want to stab myself in the eye.

But rather than come up with a snarky answer, I usually do share one of my goals for the new year.

That’s right.  I make goals.  Not resolutions.  Goals are something to strive for, but give myself the leeway to have hiccups along the way.  Goals are also measurable. And they tend to be things that can be built on.  They become routine, so the next year I keep at them, while focusing on something new.

Here are some past goals that I have given myself, and achieved:Image

2009: Train for and run my first 5k (I ran NINE in 2009)
2010: Train for and run my first 10k (I ran TWO in 2010, with 5ks sprinkled in)
2011: Train for and run my first 1/2 marathon (I ran ONE, on my birthday, and have the Tiffany necklace to prove it!)

blog necklace 1 blog necklace2

: Throw away less uneaten vegetables (I made a good effort this year but didn’t have a way to really track it- but it was always on my mind when shopping/cooking)
blog veggies
For 2013 I really wanted to get back on track with the fitness.  After running the half marathon, I was burned out.  Followed up by two sprained ankles in the spring of 2012 while hiking, I just lost focus.  I feel very successful in adding the veggie goal last year, so this year I am giving myself two goals:

1) Try a new recipe once a week.  I LOVE to cook. And usually cook a few times a week anyway, so why not start trying out all of the recipes I pull off the internet, Pinterest, and my Cooking Light magazines.

blog cooking2) Log 1000 miles. Whether running, hiking, biking, or walking, I want to get 1000 miles in this year.  I think it’s doable, barring more injuries of course.

Both of these are completely tangeable AND trackable!  I plan on posting my weekly recipe as a blog here, and upload all of my miles on DailyMile.  You can follow me there to see my progress.

Let’s do this…