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Birthday Freebie Challenge Complete!

I briefly mentioned a while back that I had been given a challenge by a friend to see how many freebies I could possibly get for my birthday.

In case you don’t want to read that post here, this is a quick summary:

  • I love love love deals and coupons
  • I love food, but don’t like dessert
  • I love a good challenge

Over the years I have scored some pretty good birthday freebies, but when put up for the challenge, I even signed up for places I rarely go to, just in hopes for a good deal to add to my experiment.  You’ll figure that out when you read some of the offers I received, but never cashed in.

Some are from my favorites of all time and I look forward to my freebies every year, like Starbucks and Red Robin. Yum.  Then sadly, some places that used to send you goodies, no longer do.  I’m looking at you Noah’s Bagels.

Birthday Coupon Challenge

I ended up receiving a total of 45 emails.  FORTY-FIVE! Of which I ended up cashing in on $125.87 in free food (having to spend $53.16 in the process, mostly tips).  I also ended up scoring $42.13 in free goods (spending $29.50).  Not bad if I do say so myself!  You can click the spreadsheet above for more details. ((Yes, I am an anal dork who took this challenge waaaaay too seriously, and even created a spread sheet.))

The added bonus, is most of these sites will send you deals and freebies all year long, not just for your birthday! Of course next year I’ll go back to just redeeming the ones I really love.  This year’s pig out, errrrrr enjoyment of food, was for scientific purposes of course. 😉

Happy Birthday to Me!

Over the years I have signed up for many a websites, email list, etc that offer birthday surprises.  You don’t know me all that well yet, but I *love* coupons.  I am not as savvy as those soccer moms that can find double coupon days, and stock up on 100 boxes of Cheerios, but I do fairly well.

With my birthday just over two weeks away, I decided to scour the interwebs for the possibility to add to my birthday bounty.  I *love* the birthday freebies that so many restaurants and retailers provide.  In order to plump up my booty (literally, since so many are food related) I enlisted the help of my Facebook friends to see what other places I may have missed.

In the conversation, one friend of mine said she would like to see someone actually blog about all of the offers they received, how many they actually claimed, and what was involved.  I have decided to accept this challenge!  So please, raise a fork, and follow me on my journey over the next few weeks*!


* DISCLAIMER:  I am not a big sweet tooth.  Like at all.  I’d rather drink my dessert in the form of alcohol 😉  So any offers I get for “free dessert with purchase” I usually either don’t even bother signing up for, or won’t redeem.  Now if it is a free dessert just on it’s own merit, then we’ll talk 😉