Random Thought of the Day

Has anyone ever brought their own “doggy bag” to a restaurant?

My borderline OCD about waste may have just hit an all-time low, or high I suppose, depending on how you look at it.

As I sat in our break room dishing out my restaurant leftovers out of the Styrofoam ((shudder)) container to reheat, it dawned on me.  Why couldn’t I take a reusable container with me to a restaurant when I know I am going to be bringing home leftovers?

Obnoxious? Presumptuous? Possibly.  Mindful? Smart? Maybe.

Would you?  Have you?  I’d love to hear how it went for you and/or how you went about it…

Meanwhile I think I’ll try it first at my local joint I always go to where they know me and I *might* be able to get away with it…


Quinoa & Berry Breakfast

A few weeks ago I did a reset detox (more on that in a future post) and all of the recipes were so amazing! I have a friend looking for some quinoa recipes and I realized I haven’t really blogged any of the ones I’ve tried.

So to kick it off I am going to post a recipe for one of the breakfasts I had on the detox. I never thought to have quinoa for breakfast, but really its a hearty healthy option much like steel cut oats!

Quinoa & Berries
1/2 cup cooked quinoa (red quinoa pictured here)
1 cup mixed berries
1/2 tbsp coconut oil

Mix together while quinoa is warm and eat! ((I make a batch of quinoa and then reheat in the mornings since its quicker!))IMG_20130909_093656_551

Time Flies When You’re Havin’ Fun!

Wow.  I just realized I haven’t blogged in a month.  Work has been crazy busy (yay!) and life has too (double yay!) I also just realized it will have been a year next week since I started this rambling blog!

I still don’t know what direction I am headed with this blog, or with life for that matter.  What I do know is that I need to get back here more often.  I have so much running through my brain that I need to get down on paper, or in this case, e-paper.

I know I threw out a challenge about eating healthy on a budget.  But I wasn’t really sure how to document it properly.  So I am working on it, and when I figure it out I’ll share it immediately.  I have already started noting all of the money saving things I do each month that I plan on sharing as well.

For instance, I use mint.com to budget my life, and there is a groceries budget I have set.  Maybe I can make a snap shot of that? Excel spread sheet of actual shopping trips? Hmmmm.  I feel like I was really thorough with my birthday freebies challenge last year, so that this needs to be equally as detailed.  Please feel free to drop me some suggestions on how to document or even money saving tips you use while grocery shopping!

I’ll keep you posted.

Chipotle Black Bean Stew & Cornbread

Chipotle Black Bean Stew & Cornbread

In other news- I am in LOVE with Bentgo boxes.  They are washable lunch boxes that include cutlery so that you can take your breakfast/lunch/dinner to work with you. I picked up two of them on Groupon and I am so mad that I didn’t buy more!!!!  I just can’t justify paying full price. Hello, have you met me?!

They are BPA free, can be used in mircowave, freezer, and dishwasher.  The larger bottom section I’ve got show here (left) with Chipotle Black Bean stew leftovers and on the top tray I cut my cornbread muffin in half keeping my topping of cheese separate. Last week I used them for my breakfast of red quinoa, almonds, berries and coconut oil (below) to take with me to work. The bottom section is REALLY big.  It was two huge servings of quinoa, I went a wee bit over board…

Red Quinoa & Berries Breakfast

Red Quinoa & Berries Breakfast

Anyway… no one is paying me for this post, I just needed to check in, and what better way than tell you all about a product I am LOVING!  Now if Groupon will just offer them again, I can stock up…

PS- have I mentioned how much I LOATHE my “new” phone? I need to probably bust out my DSLR to start taking pictures to post here. It’s embarrassing…

Sick and Tired.

You know what I am sick and tired of hearing?  That it is too expensive to eat healthy.  No. It’s not.  It’s expensive to be lazy.  It takes effort to eat healthy, not money.

Meal planning is HARD, food prep is HARD, cooking is HARD.  But none of it costs anything if you do it yourself!

Convenience is expensive.  Healthy eating is not.  Not to mention salads at fast food restaurants are most of the time just as bad for you as the burger and fries!  And don’t even get me started on Subway sandwiches…

I am creating a personal challenge for the month of August to document all of my food spending and share it with you at the end of the month.  I will also share with you then all of my tips like planning, shopping and prepping once a week for keeping on track and on budget.

Stay tuned, won’t you!

Luck be a Lady

gambling 777

I am so lucky.  So, so, so lucky.  And I despise the word lucky.  The only luck I believe in is dumb luck.  I feel like with good hard work you get the rewards you deserve.  But over and over I bust my ass and seem to get the short end of the stick.  But I keep trudging on.  I am good to people.  I work hard.  Eventually I know it will all come back around.  So imagine my surprise when I just become overwhelmed with gratitude.  The little things and the big things are adding up to great things.

For the first time in three years I feel the economy turning around.  This in addition to finally having a dry cold winter and a hot summer (aka normal weather). Because of these two factors, business is back on track.  We are so busy that we can’t catch up.  After the past few years of sucky economy and sucky mild weather, I am so grateful to be so exhausted.  My hard work and tenacity was even appreciated by my mother, who thought for sure we’d have to close the doors two years ago, yet here we are.

I have fantastic friends.  I can’t believe that I can spend weekends on end with a gaggle of women that never bicker, fight, backstab, or betray.  All we ever do is laugh.  Even after lots of booze and lack of sleep.  It is awesome to have these ladies in my life.

Random acts of kindness exist.  I witnessed a pretty bad accident last week.  I was running late to work and should have never even been there, but I had to stop.  I witnessed the whole thing and knew that I needed to make sure the girl that was hit wasn’t injured and that I could gamblinggive a full statement of what happened to the police. Later this same night an acquaintance, not even a friend, emailed me asking me if I would like complimentary tickets to an event she knew I was attending with friends.  She sent me eight, yes EIGHT, free tickets for me and all of my friends.  She literally saved us a total of $200 just because she could. And when we only ended up needing seven, we paid it forward by giving a random stranger our extra ticket as we walked into the event.

As weird and stressful as life can be, sometimes we to just need to stop and be thankful what we do have to realize how lucky we are.

Oh, and did I mention I won $100 on a quarter slot machine, when I rarely gamble, paying for my whole weekend?  Gotta love dumb luck. 😉