16 years ago today, I got a DUI coming home from a bar.

Wow. It has been three years since I touched this blog, and nothing means more to me than this post. Normally I post it on the anniversary, but with the holidays coming up I feel that the sooner, the better.

It has now been 19 years. Crazy it seems like a lifetime ago, yet that day is still seared in my memory like it was yesterday.

I am renewing my vow to myself in 2017 to get back to blogging, cooking, reading, and more. Hope you’ll join me!

Eat, Drink, and Be Snarky

This post is long, and in no way snarky- stay with me if you can…

I was working a part-time job one day a week. I would come in and open up in the morning, and work 6 or so hours, then someone would come in after me to relieve me and close up.

No one showed up to relieve me. I used to just eat breakfast, come in, and leave not bringing a lunch or anything b/c the shift was so short. So now I’m stuck, working until closing because the girl that went out of town for Christmas, didn’t bother getting a sub for her. 12+ hours later, I am pissed off and want to go home.

My roommate at the time had said “hey, lets go to dollar night to relieve some stress”. So I go home, we get ready, and we go out to the bar…

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