Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

I’ll admit it, I get bored easily.  Especially when it comes to my hair.  I go from long to short to shorter to long again.  I go bangs, no bangs, swoopy bangs, blunt bangs.  I know I am in the minority here.  Most people dread making drastic changes. I have the philosophy, eh, it will grow back!

Every five years or so I actually let it grow out pretty long.  Currently it’s not as long as it has been in the past, but it is getting there.  Every time it gets long enough, I donate it. I thought for sure this trip to the stylist it would still be too short.  It actually wasn’t!  So time to chop chop chop and send it off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Previously I had only donated to Locks of Love.  Mostly because I didn’t think there were any other options out there.  Since the last time I donated I never received a confirmation that they had received it, plus some controversy in the news, I decided this time I was going to try Pantene’s program.

I turned 38.  What better way to start my new year than with a clean slate, a new attitude, and a fresh new look!  So I went in to my friend and hair stylist and said “Let’s do this again, shall we?!” And so we did.  We prepped, we chopped, we bagged.  And after all was said and done, I had a fabulous new hair do and got to feel all warm and fuzzy in the (donation) process.







Bye-Bye Hair

Bye-Bye Hair


Lovely thank you letter I received after sending my donation.


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