(Kiddie) Pool Punch

It gets hot here in the central valley, and by hot I mean H-O-T!  This weekend they are forecasting 108, which for those that know me, know I L-O-V-E.

A couple years ago I decided it would be fun to get a little blow up kiddie pool to dip in on the hot summer evenings.  It was probably my best idea yet.  It comfortably seated four adult women, and even had cup holders!!  This evolved into regular “pool time” which meant hanging out in the pool drinking sangria.  I don’t even remember HOW it came about, because I make a KILLER sangria, but I think I was in a rush, so I bought a jug (yes jug) of Carlo Rossi Sangria, club soda and a couple of limes.  Hello, refreshing!  It has become the hit of the summer at every pool party.  And did I mention it’s quick and easy?!

Fast forward to now.  I needed to rename this concoction, because I am a wine snob and don’t want MY famous sangria to be entangled with this swill that we make on the fly. So Pool Punch was born.  And after a few years of wear and tear (and neighborhood cats, grrrr) a new pool is due to be delivered Thursday!






(Kiddie) Pool Punch

2 parts Carlo Rossi Sangria
1 part club soda
2 twists of lime
Stir & Enjoy!


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