How I know I am not ready for online dating… Again…

I took advantage of a Living Social special this month for a month subscription on Match.  I received the email offer just days after my debating if I wanted to get back on that horse.  I LOVE  a good deal and this was a darn good deal!  I figured it was a sign.

Apparently it was not.  Only five minutes in, I was OVER it.  The thought of reading through pages and pages of profiles was overwhelming.  I set everything up, and have gotten a handful of half-assed emails that just say “hey” or “hi”.  Really?  I mean, that is what I expect from some of the free sites, but Match charges a pretty penny, so I figured the quality would be a little bit higher.  It was on previous trips to this rodeo.  Apparently this isn’t the case any longer.

It has now been one week and I haven’t even attempted to do anything with it.  THIS is how I know I am not yet ready to date again.  I am cheap.  And I like to get my moneys worth, not waste it.  So the fact that I have let a week out of four slip by without even an attempt at the site other than putting a profile up, that is how I know that I’m just not ready…



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