“To date, or not to date?” That is just me talking to myself.

I met a really great guy last year. We totally hit it off, connected, communicated, had fun, laughed, and wanted the same things. And then the day after my birthday he decided he couldn’t date me.

AKA he met someone else. I’m not stupid.

Anyway, I was completely shocked. My spirit crushed. I couldn’t bring myself to date. Yes, I’m being dramatic. Even though we had only been on five dates, we had been friends for about a year. Enough time to know what kind of person someone is and wants to be.

I swore off dating. This was last fall. I reluctantly agreed to go out on a date this winter with a new guy. He flaked. Twice. If I didn’t think I was done dating before, I was definitely done then.

But then spring sprang. I have been out and about enjoying this gorgeous weather while seeing couples enjoying each other. Quite honestly, it makes me lonely. I miss having that connection with someone.

So over the past few days I’ve been debating getting back online… I really hate online dating, but this organically meeting a mate thing ain’t happening.  What’s a girl to do…


2 thoughts on ““To date, or not to date?” That is just me talking to myself.

  1. A girl just continues to socialize with her friends!!! Girl friend get together’s are all about having fun at any place! Take a camera to capture those times at a fun store like, Outdoor World. At a baseball game at a city park or a Car Show at a Eatery. Plan those events with your friends and try to leave the cell phone in your purse. Guy’s like to see us girls make eye contact, a wink, and a pearly smile. Ya don’t have to flirt, just to be noticed! “Hey, didn’t I see you uptown the other day?” Might be the question mister right maybe asking…yes, you’ll get noticed. To be able to choose the guys that notice is up to you but, it’s nice to have choices!!

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