Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

I love slicing up a hard boiled egg as an addition to my salads at work.  Easy to transport, great source of vitamins and protein.  And they just taste damn good!

ImageOver the years I have perfected the cooking of the hard boiled egg.  They come out every time with NO green yolk.  None.

The hardest part about hard boiled eggs, in my opinion, is peeling them. This can be frustrating sometimes!  Probably the most important thing I have ever learned when it comes to making them easier to peel is to use older eggs.  My friend, the middle school elementary school teacher, told me that it has to do with the egg separating from the shell over time, or something.  All I know is that it’s true!


So what I do is when I go to the store to pick up fresh eggs, I come home and boil any remaining eggs I had left in the tray. They are usually a few weeks old, still good, yet older for better shell peeling!

When cooking the eggs I also have found that getting them to cool down completely is crucial to getting them to stop cooking therefore no green yolk.  The problem with this is it requires running cold water over them for 10 minutes.  I know this sounds excessive and I don’t think I have delved into how freakish I am about waste, and this KILLS me, wasting water.  But it’s the only way I’ve found to make sure they stop cooking and make the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

cold water

Place eggs in single layer in pot.  Add enough cold water to cover eggs.  Bring to rapid boil.  Remove from heat.  Cover.  Let stand 15 minutes.  Drain.  Run cold water over eggs until cooled (I let it run up to 10 minutes just under faucet to make sure that eggs stop cooking and you don’t end up with green yolks)



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