VD- Letters together few ever like to hear…

So WHO actually likes VD?  The disease or the “holiday”?  Either way you are screwed, and not in a good way.  Well, with the former it may have started as a good screw… but I digress.

Again, I ask, who actually enjoys this “holiday”?  Let’s take a looksie…

Single Men:  Avoid girls around this time at all costs, for fear of being roped into the hype. Meanwhile unable to get laid during this time due to said fear. It’s a shame, really.
Single Ladies:  It is torture being reminded at every turn that you are alone.  The grocery stores, the emails pimping products, the jewelry commercials, it goes on and on.
Attached Men:  The PRESSURE, I mean it is daunting, right? The EXPECTATIONS, may the force be with you, Sirs…
Attached Women:  This is the only segment of the population that possibly enjoys this “holiday”.  Which is sad really. Being showered with overpriced flowers and chocolates. Really? You should be cherished by your lover every day, not just because Hallmark says so.

My good friend (who is male mind you) said it best: I am your gift, and you are mine.  Everyday…

Disclaimer: Yes, I may be single, but you know what? I was showered with love from my mom and my best friend today.  So I am not bitter, I just think the whole concept is silly and wasteful…I’m the dork that finds a gift that is PERFECT for someone and give it to them out of the blue, not because the calendar tells me to… THAT is a day of love…



One thought on “VD- Letters together few ever like to hear…

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