Forgive me, I have sinned…

I had my first casualty of 2013.  I had to throw out half of a loaf of bread.

Now in actuality, my goal for the year was to limit the amount of fruits and veggies I had to throw out because they had gone bad.  Which 18 days in, I have still been successful!  And no, you nay-sayers, it’s not because I haven’t bought any!  I know you were thinking it…  But at some point I decided I was going to make an extra effort to not waste ANY food this year.  Hell, I don’t even like to waste Post-it notes, and I use a tea bag twice to eek out as much tea as possible, so I’ve just been trying to find other ways I can reduce waste in my life.

The thing that is so frustrating is that I usually buy sourdough bread.  And because I mainly just use it for toast, it lasts quite a while!  But I had to buy boring white bread to make my experimental turkey meatloaf last week.  Apparently it doesn’t have the shelf life I had expected. Le Sigh.

But all things considered, I have been otherwise on track with my goals.  I haven’t had the time to post my new recipes, but I will given some spare time, and I’ll link them here.

In addition to my trying a new recipe a week, not wasting food, and getting 1000 miles logged to DailyMile this year, I decided to add trying a new fruit or veggie each month.  This can be raw or cooked.  But something I’ve never made/eaten before.  And so you shall hear it here first.  I have never eaten (to my knowledge) butternut squash before.  It was a PAIN to prep, but super easy to toss in olive oil, salt, and pepper to roast!  And sooooooo tasty!

If you have any suggestions of recipes or a fruit or veggie to try, please post them!  I’m always looking for inspiration!


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