I love booze! I love the taste, I love the (usual) social aspect, I love the buzz.

I also love vodka martinis!  Usually I order/make them straight up, shaken, with an olive.  Preferably a bleu cheese stuffed olive, but those are few and far between because most bars don’t stuff their own (heh).

I had purchased mini candy canes to make these yummy Pepperminty Brownies as part of my Christmas Goodie trays.  And had a few left over.  After a conversation with my friend, @mschick74, where she was talking about infusing vodka with candy canes to make hot toddys, I had this thought that mini candy canes would make a pretty garnish on a martini!

Then I realized I had an even better idea.  Since I didn’t have any peppermint infused vodka laying around…

christmas martini 2

I crushed up one of the canes, still in the plastic wrap.  Sprinkled it into my shaker of crushed ice.  Added vodka.  Did the shake shake shake dance and voila! Candy Cane Martini!

christmas martini



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