Black Friday is for the overstuffed birds.

Y’all are hopefully realizing, whether you want to or not, that I love coupons.  And deals.  And put them both together, and it’s an orgasmic experience for me.  Ah hem, excuse me, it’s been a while…

So you may find this shocking… I loathe all things Black Friday.  The reason is three-fold:  I hate crowds.  HATE them.  I love my sleep.  I mean really, getting up at 2am to get in line to go shopping?  Meh.  Lastly, I always work the Friday after Thanksgiving, so it’s really all moot.

I DID however, find this year, sneaky ways to save some money and avoid the crowds.

The first thing has to be if you do not have a Target REDcard, you need to get one.  Now!  You can either apply for a credit card, or get their debit version that is tied directly into your checking account.  I opted for the debit card because I like to only spend what I have, not use credit. The first advantage of this card is you get 5% off every purchase at Target as well as 5% off AND free shipping online.  And if you have one of their pharmacy reward cards where you earn 5% off Target coupons, you can use that AND the REDcard combined. Yippie!

So there I am, in my jammies, sipping my coffee early Thanksgiving morning.  I had seen the Black Friday ad Target had previewed the week before and I really wanted to get a new coffee maker for the office.  So I decide to see if the same deal might be available online. It was.  On Thanksgiving morning, before the crazy chaos cooking commenced, I ordered the fancy coffee maker at the Black Friday price with the bonus $30 gift card, 5% off and free shipping.  All without even a shower. Woo!

Fast forward to yesterday.  I had been hanging onto this 20% off coupon good only at Target, only off a KitchenAid or Keurig product.  Which is odd because I do not need either of these things, and I NEVER hold onto coupons I do not need.  But this close to the holidays I figured SOMEONE could probably use it so I clipped it.  Well my mother managed to break her 30 year old cheap Sunbeam mixer on Thanksgiving morning whilst making pumpkin pie.   The woman rarely cooks or bakes, but she made a comment to my dad that now she could get a KitchenAid mixer like mine.  Eh?  You don’t ever cook and  you need the Holy Grail of kitchen appliances? (Seriously, Google Holy Grail of kitchen appliances, and about a dozen images of KitchenAid mixers pop up).  But I digress…

In an effort to help my poor clueless dad out with such a purchase, I jump online and start doing a little recon.  Low and behold, I find a KitchenAid mixer. ON SALE.  $70 off to be exact.  Plus 20% off coupon.  Plus 5% REDcard discount… You can see where I am going with this… My eyes were as wide as little Ralphie’s on Christmas morning when he got his Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!  But unlike Ralphie, I don’t have to worry about shooting my eye out, and off to Target I went.  On Sunday evening.  With only a handful of people in the store.  No one in line. In and out in 5 minutes.


Is boo-ya still a thing?  If not, this is the day to bring it back.  I kicked some mediocre at best ass, and couldn’t be more happy with myself.

Side note: Since I am new to this whole blog thing, I should probably point out that I do talk about products and brands, espcially when it comes to my couponing.  But the opinions are all my own.  No one hooks me up with any discounts or deals for mentioning them.  If they did, I would be absolutely sure to tell you, because that would be pretty flipping rad!

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