The Anti-Social Network?

While perusing Twitter this afternoon at work (working hard, duh!) I ran across a tweet that I IMMEDIATELY was in agreeance with:

“Still wondering why Twitter is called a social networking site and not an anti social networking site”- @moarcaffeine

My first thought was YES! More often than not I find that when I am in the company of other people we all have our nose in our phones.  Usually Tweeting and/or Facebooking (rarely making emergency 911 phone calls like in the olden days). Gosh, how I miss the olden days…

Now, let me be perfectly clear, I do not do this on dates.  Nor do I do this while having a meal with my parents.  Or any other occasion where I am expected to be social for that matter.  You know, the face-to-face variety dinner party, wedding, what-have-you .  Phone is always in my pocket or purse in those situations. Always.

But then my second thought was WAIT!  I have met some of the coolest, smartest, most fun people on the planet through Twitter.  Some I have even harvested real genuine legitimate relationships with.

As a 30-something in a career running a family business with little to no contact with people of my age, I have found Twitter to be a way to stretch beyond my home-grown social circle.  I am LEARNING and DOING and REACTING in ways that I never could before.  It still blows me away that I can build real friendships on Twitter with people with similar interests.  It’s like what Match is to dating, Twitter is to befriending!

And I would love to kiss Jack Dorsey himself on the mouth as a thank you.


2 thoughts on “The Anti-Social Network?

  1. A long time ago I read something where Twitter was compared to a cocktail party: you might not know everyone, and you might not talk to a lot of people, but with a little effort you can definitely find a couple cool folks whose company you enjoy. I would say that’s you and Ms. Chick for me. 😀

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