Dear President Obama,

Dear President Obama,

I went to the store last week.  The store where my pharmacy is located.  The pharmacy where I pick up my birth control pills.  The pharmacist told me that there was no co-pay due.  I was puzzled, leaving wondering what in the heck happened.  Maybe they have a new frequent buyer plan, buy six get one free?

I mentioned this to my friend, who informed me that the new Obama-care implemented meant that all birth control was free to all. After mentioning it to a couple other friends, they too confirmed that this was the case.

I am still puzzled.  I have a decent job.  I struggle, but it was my own decision to buy a house as a single unmarried woman, it is life.  I have health insurance.  I have a co-pay on my birth control of a whopping $10.  So why am I now getting it “free”?  Last time I checked, I could afford my own $10 co-pay.  And if I couldn’t, I know that I could receive free birth control from that awesome organization Planned Parenthood.

So why am I getting my birth control for “free”?  I use “free” in quotes because this probably explains either A) why my health insurance premiums have gone up once again.  In a down economy, my health insurance premiums still go up, up, up. or B) my taxes go up.  Because, in a down economy, my taxes too keep going up, up, up!

So I ask you.  Why are those that are able and willing to pay for their own birth control pills being given them for free?  Can I “opt-out”?  Can we go back to the good ol’ days where girls could go to Planned Parenthood for their birth control if they didn’t have insurance, or couldn’t pay the co-pay?  I am not sure if you heard, but there are organizations and charities that can help those that want to be helped.  The rest of us don’t mind paying our way.

Thanks for listening,


2 thoughts on “Dear President Obama,

  1. In the custom of “snarky” I must say you have been duped into paying $10. Women who take BCPs are a huge money saver for insurance companies (I bet the savings are in the hundreds of dollars per woman per year). After all, no maternity charges. I doubt they will refund those hundreds of dollars to you.

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