Stop! Don’t do it!!!

No matter how many friends tell you it is a good idea, DON’T make the first move!!!

I unfortunately read this blog I read regularly one day too late: Why Girls Don’t Make The First Move

Here is what happened to me:

I’ve been single for a while now.  I hate being single.  I hate dating.  But I don’t PUSH it.  I don’t RUSH it.  I just let things happen.  I am VERY passive when it comes to dating.  Maybe to a fault.  Most of the time I don’t even realize someone is flirting with me until it is too late.  I just don’t function that way.

Until last week.  Ohhhhh Tuesday.  What a  BEAUTIFUL day.  It was sunny.  Blue skies.  I had my entire day planned out.  I had an important errand to run that involved possibly running into my idol.  And ending with a networking event.  So I got dressed a little nicer than normal. Then I walked in the door at work.  “We need you to do this.  We need you do to that” Totally threw my entire day’s schedule off.

So I gathered my thoughts, figured out what I need to do, and made it happen.

I rolled up onto a job site.  A job site I didn’t know til I got to work that I’d have to go to (looking cute, remember) and met a super cute guy.  A friendly, cute, funny, appeared to be single guy.  There was flirting.  LOTS of flirting.

He and I were both scheduled to be back on the job site later that day.  SCORE I thought, I will have a chance to flirt a little more.  Maybe he’ll ask for my number.  No dice.  The second meeting was cancelled.  So I swooned to my friends about how awesome he was.  They/I convinced me to call his office, and leave my cell number with the receptionist.


So I call the receptionist.  And I gave her my number to give to him.  And I am as high as a kite.  I don’t do these kinds of things!  I don’t make the first move!  I don’t!

Seven days later… he hasn’t called.  So he either never got the message (I hope), wasn’t interested (he’s a good actor), or he’s married (and an asshole).  Or he plays by the “rules” and won’t call til three days later, which is so 1995, I am not sure I can deal.

So much like my dating counterpart @Soon2BecCatLady, I, against my better judgement, made the first move, and crashed and burned…

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