Welcome to the Jungle!

I often tweet.  Most of the time it is random observations that some of the time you just need more than 140 characters to really make a point.  Or to describe a story.  But sometimes I don’t feel like I can really be myself.  Or to accurately tell a story.

So here we are.

I often drink.  Sometimes it is beer, sometimes margaritas, sometimes hard alcohol, and always wine.  Always.

I am not a writer.  I am just your average joe(sephine) who dates the wrong men, has the less popular political views, and thinks common sense is far too uncommon.

I am not a cook.  But I play one on tv.  At least the tv reality show that plays in my head every time I am in the kitchen attempting a new recipe, narrated by Julia Child of course.  That might be raising the bar a bit too high.  I do love to cook, but I am no Julia Child.  I have the ability maybe *of* a child…

Well enough about me… ha!  That is ALL this blog is going to be about, silly!

Join me, won’t you?!


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