Red, Red, Wine…

I love wine.  As I  mentioned before, I’m pretty much an equal opportunity drinker, but I *love* wine.  So it may come as a surprise that I have sat here for about 15 minutes staring at a glass of “sparking red”.  Yes, staring.  It was given to me by a good friend, one that I trust to know a thing or two about food, wine, hair, etc.  The problem is that he never actually sold me a line about how good this “sparkling red” would be.

So it sits here.  Mocking me.  Staring back at me.  Daring me to take a taste…

Yes I poured it into a white wine glass.  So what.  It is too confusing.  Its “sparkling” but I didn’t feel it necessary to pour into a champagne flute.  But its not a traditional “red” so does it need to breathe in a big bold red glass?  So I split the difference and poured it into a white wine glass.  I’m crass.  What can I say…

OK… I’ve taken a sip.  Two actually.  It has the effervescence of a “sparkling wine” but its room temperature and tastes light a light red, Pinot Noir maybe.  Not bad…  Not great… but not bad…



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